i’m falling, falling, for your love

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hands hands hands

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APink Through the Years → [ MVs ]
#3YearsWithAPink ♥

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happy 3rd anniversary my princesses!! 3 years past by so fast, and you guys are still childish as ever have matured into a rising girl group! i've never been more proud whenever i look back to see how much you guys have achieved as a group. i'm absolutely glad to have spent these three years in this fandom and loving all of you. of course, this is only the third year and we have many many more years to come!! ♡♡♡

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….who’s the fairest of them all?

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E08 (12/?)

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weird princess son naeun *。✧

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apink through the eras
april 19th 2011 to infinity, let’s love each other forever and ever! ♥


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